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Plan place and restore dental implants

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Plan, Place and Restore Course

A unique opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and develop new set of clinical skills

Course Overview

This Course will cover the challenges in treatment planning complex implant cases in the aesthetic Zone and how to manage soft and hard tissues around implant-supported restorations and maintain long-term aesthetic outcomes.

Hands-on Training
Learning Outcomes
Utilization of efficient and comprehensive protocols in the treatment planning, placing and restoring dental implants.

Understanding basic and advanced occultation in relation to single, multiple and full arch dental implants.

Learning Objectives
To develop a set of clinical skills essential in treatment planning advanced implant cases in the aesthetic zone.

To Discuss the management of soft and hard tissues around the implants.

To develop hands-on skills on the optimal 3D-implant positioning in the aesthetic zone with and without GBR.

Course Features

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  • Max Students10
  • Duration1 day
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
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London Dental Academy

Oasis Leisure centre
Portsmouth Hospital
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£360.00+ VAT