A unique opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and develop new set of clinical skills

Course Summary

This 1-day course will give candidates an insight into the aetiology of tooth wear and its management. The lectures will help candidates to appreciate and understand the occlusal implications when changing the occlusal schemes for patient with significant tooth wear. Key differences are exist between localised and genearlised tooth wear, therefore the opportunity of having hands-on training will give candidates the opportunity of better understanding of these differences. The hands on training will help candidates to enhance their clinical skills in the management of localised and generalized tooth wear and acknowledge the principles of Dahl concepts in the management of localised tooth wear.


Aims and Learning objectives

Nowadays people are living longer and retaining most of their teeth to a later stage of their lives. Healthy individual and aged population, however, seem to start experiencing new trend of dental disease apart from the well-know primary disease caries and periodontitis. Tooth wear and loss of tooth tissues due to physiological, pathological or iatrogenic aetiological factors may present some challenges to GDPs in terms of diagnose and management at the Primary dental care setting. Therefore by the end of this course candidates will be able to:

1- Critically appraise the published evidence in relation to tooth wear.
2- Hands-on training on the management of different types of tooth wear cases. 
3- Discuss and put forward a comprehensive assessment algorithm as part of a holistic treatment planning approach.
4- Develop set of clinical skills, which are needed for effective management of localized and generalized tooth wear.
5- Have a better insight and understanding of potential risks factors and problems associated with different treatment modalities.

Course Topics

 Topic 3: Case-based discussions and treatment planning in Tooth wear.

Topic 4: Hands-on Training on managment of tooth wear (Upper Anterior Teeth) ; Dahl Concept.


Dentsply Sirona, 3 The Heights, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0NY
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  • Duration 8 hours

  • On 27/06/2020

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