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London Dental Academy courses are designed to help dental practitioners and dental care professionals to enhance their clinical skills and getting evidence-based knowledge in Clinical Dentistry. Our courses are rich with hands-on training to improve patients’ clinical care, job satisfaction and dental teams' revenues. LDA courses will form a solid platform for further clinical and academic professional development.

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Our courses will allow dentists and DCPs to maintain their clinical work whilst doing their training and developing new skills at their own pace. LDA Programmes are delivered by renowned team of specialists and consultants who are well known for their national and international excellence in teaching – many of whom are key-leaders in their field. LDA Programmes provide postgraduate teaching and training for dentists and DCPs in different sites in the UK and some other countries. Each programme comprises 6 modules run over 10-12 days a year, most of these course are hands on and delivered in clinical skill training facilities where one to one teaching will be provided for all students.

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Abeer Shahadeh

Great day, very organized course, it was my first experience with digital impressions and milled crown, and celtra Duo material. Mr Lino : Thank you for your patience and generosity on giving information . Big Thank you Dr @Dr Shihab Romeed . I should not miss all other models of this restorative course next year . Please keep us updated Dr Romeed.

Salman Sheikh

For many of us, it was our first time to have our own preps scanned and milled live.. Great teaching and experience.. Thank you

rasha zayed

I did this diastema closure today Shihab and I followed what you had told me last time and I was really happy with the result. It’s a huge improvement on what I would have done before your advice. Of course, I need to improve a lot more but I wanted to thank you for your help. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you very much.

Ala Taghi

Thank you for the last course which has changed my practice and enhanced my clinical

Ala Taghi

Great courses, very organised academy and excellent teachers

Ala Taghi

Dr Romeed is an excellent lecturer, always giving detailed and cleared explanations. I really like how engaging, approachable and knowledgeable he is. This is a very good course for non experienced and advanced students where you can learn and practice how to treat localised and generalised tooth wear. I highly recommend it. Nadyn

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